Hydroacoustic Calculation System

Sonar calculations system is a software product designed for ray-path and wave methods based calculation of a sound energy loss in marine environment for infrasonic and sonic frequency ranges.

 The developed methodology allows calculating spatial distribution of a sound energy loss (per spreading or attenuation) accounting for a user specified environmental model, characteristics of emitting and receiving systems.

Application Range 

Software product is designed to perform the current tactical calculations and to serve as a modeling tool for experimental and research objectives.


  • Well developed interactive user-friendly environment;
  • Usage of underwater topography database of the US National Center of Geophysical Data with two angular minutes resolution (ETOPO2) and five angular minutes resolution (ETOPO5);
  • Usage of climatologic database of sonic speed field of Word Ocean of USA Ministry of Defense (GDEM);
  • Calculations using wave and/or ray algorithms.