Intelligent Decision Support System

IDSS is aimed at decision suport and modeling of the IGIS objects’ actions at that implementing artificial intelligence approaches and techniques. IDSS is built on the base of "Visual environment for 3-D modeling" 

(full-functional version is available to download).


o Developing and incorporating into IGIS the expert systems of decision-making in various subject areas;

o visual development of objects’ functioning models (actions’ scenarios) for geospatial environments;

o running the objects’ actions scenarios in real time and on arbitrary time scale depicted by visual symbolic representation against electronic maps background;

o making recommendations for decision-makers while running scenarios at systems’ research design,

o  business games, situations analysis, personnel learning and training. 

    Development environment

    Protege forms the development environment for the intelligent support of decision-making system. 

* Classes’ hierarchy, representing operations and relations over a subject area of geoinformation system application is being developed in the left window.

* In the central window the particular classes’ representatives standing for real objects in the subject domain are developed. 

* Scenario of the subject area objects’ actions is formed in the right window; 

* it is comprised of separate decision-making stages and situations depending upon current situation. 

inte_1.png - 369.98 KB 

    Rescue operation’s visual modeling in IGIS

   Visual modeling of scenario’s run is demonstrated via symbols, representing objects involved in the scenario. Symbols are moving on the map along the given courses at given velocities in real or arbitrary time scales. IGIS modeling environment allows controlling the modeling process: to stop and restart modeling at arbitrary time instants, alter time scale, thus, accelerating or slowing down the modeling, alter the map scale and symbols’ sizes, control the objects manually, etc.

inte_2.png - 335.00 KB

  Visual modeling of environmental control operations in IGIS

    IGIS incorporated the JBoss Rules based expert system solves two tasks: 

* classic task of developing recommendations for decision-making in expert systems. The mentioned recommendations are displayed in “Expert System” window;

* less conventional for expert systems task of modeling process control, including moving objects control and reaction to events at the topmost control level.

    Here considered example models actions of a coastal shipping control system, marine corps ships and other vessels under oil spill over a sea water area.

    Ambience of the development - OpenMapTab