Radar Calculations System

The Radar Calculations System has been developed to provide radar zone modelling for the detection of low-flying, above-water objects by single or multiple radar systems, by adjusting for the effect of active and passive noise conditions and environmental parameters. The system is framed as a software module that can operate autonomously, as well as integrated into the various application tasks.


  • Range calculation for the single radar or group of radars located aboard or ashore, on a single object;
  • Range calculation of the radar considering noise;
  • Considering noise of the rough sea and atmospheric conditions;
  • Correction tactical and technical characteristics of the radar;
  • Pie chart construction for the detection range;
  • Connection to the IGIS software package and accounts settlement with the connection of objects mapped to the subsequent construction of the detection area on the map.
Fields of Application
  • Prediction of radar observation results from the use of radar stations;
  • Optimization of observation systems when the designated areas are covered by radar stations;
  • Determination of electromagnetic fields' characteristics in the area of radar coverage, by adjusting for standart and anomaloushigh-frequency propagation;
  • Favorable traffic routs for air and water crafts choosing;
  • Requirements developing for the technical parameters of a projected radars, and to predict the perfomance of proposed new radars in terms of range and accuracy



  • Object parametaers;
  • Specification and location of radar stations;
  • Noise characteristics of the environment (source of noise, location, type of noise, noise energy and statistical caracteristics);
  • Electrodynamic parameters of the troposphere, and presence charateristics of the weather 

 Program  Description


During the startup of the main program window it is enables to put on the plate shore and shipboard radars and active jamming vehicles. And also set parameters of the objects, deposited on the plate at appropriate pop-up menu.


Сharacteristics of the carrier (ship) and shipboard radar.


The radar parameters


EW aircraft parameters and active jamming station parameters


Air barrage zone parameters and active jamming station parameters


The tab "Calculation conditions" allows to set the parameters of target, the environmental conditions, calculation conditions and parameters of the clutter.


The results of the calculation are presented on the plate in the form of a joint detection area and separately designated  zone for each radar on the specified target.


More detailed results of the calculation are presented in the tab "Results" in the form of graphs of detection probability for each area and each target