Digital Object Geo (Marine Version)

Digital Object Geo (Marine Version)



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Decision Making Support and Information System for Small-Displacement Vessels Navigation


General Information

DOG Marineis a Context Decision Making Support System based on Intelligent GIS technologies implemented for mobile clients. The system built on the basis of mathematical and technological apparatus that is being developed and implemented for over 10 years. DOG Marine isacross-platform service-oriented integration platform for geospatial data storage, sampling, analysis and representation.


DOG Marine Purpose

DOG Marine System provides an easy terrain orientation and safety of the yacht or speed-boat control at sea.The system is designed for the users having no special background in marine navigation. 


DOG Marine Tasks

1.      Acquisition and processing of integrated information about the circumstances of the cruising from different data sources;

2.      Providing contextual information and reference data upon the user's request or under the occurrence of certain situations;

3.      Mapping of the nearest vessels’ position equipped with DOG Marine on the nautical map;

4.      Solving special navigators and service tasks



·         Displaying the nautical chart showing the location of its own ship and other maneuvering vessels

·         Option of manual and automatic (AIS, radar) targets’ drawing, target movement calculation

·         Ship’s routing between predetermined ports / points, at that, accounting for the navigational area features and the desired duration of movement / recreation

·         Display and registration of the weather data at a point / on the route, broadcast of the storm warnings

·         Calculation of the maneuvers aimed at the gathering storm escape; speed and course calculations on the storm sailing

·         Solving the tasks of maneuvering; positions’ gaining and   targets’ passing;

·         Warning about dangerous maneuvers; entry into the closed / restricted areas, areas with special conditions for navigation, shallow water areas

·         Advance warning of maneuvers on the route (time and turning point, speed changes, etc.)

·         Retrieve data about the locations of other vessels equipped with DOG Marine


DOG Marine Key Benefits 

·         The system’s simplicity and usability, the user needs no additional knowledge and skills to start working with the system;

·         System’s modularity; the modules that implement various features can be uploaded depending on the list of user-necessary tasks and newly developed functions;

·         System’s autonomy; due to information caching on the mobile device there exists a possibility to use the system without a permanent connection with the server. After connecting with the server the information is updated on the device;

·         Using of mathematical and science-intensive technological solutions obtained in a course of the basic and applied research in IGIS;

·         High quality of the applied tasks solving; in particular of the navigation tasks due to active involvement of the subject area specialists in the development;

·         The use of reliable solutions tested and debugged during the real systems’ operation, that provide interaction within a team of 200 users.


DOG Marine Structure

DOG Marine includes:

1.      Cloud Services Platform. Network of distributed servers, providing the necessary services;

2.      Client integration platform. Application, that provides the necessary interfaces for connecting modules that implement the required features are installed on the mobile device.

3.      Function Modules Repository. Storage of functional modules, providing the capability to extend the functionality of the client’s integration platform.


The Demo Version Composition

·         The demo version supports the following functionalities:

·         Acquisition and display of the data about marine situation in real time, including data on all vessel’ types, their main characteristics, current position and track;

·         Acquisition and display of information about the aerial situation in real time, including data on all aircrafts’  types, their main characteristics, current position and track;

·         Providing the GIS interface and a set of electronic navigational charts.


System Requirements

Client integration platform is installed on the devices with the operation system Android.4.0.

To update the information model and download the function modules an access to the Internet is required.


Future Development Trends


Development of the Mobile Intelligent GIS for general purpose aviation; development of Mobile Intelligent  GIS, which provides for car navigation, orientation for pedestrians, tourists, and disabled people (Audio-navigation).